Estates and Trusts

Kassab Archbold & O’Brien, L.L.C. will help you in performing your duties as an executor of an estate. We will assist you with the collection and distribution of the estate’s assets, prepare the required tax returns (including the Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Return, the estate’s Fiduciary Income Tax Returns, the decedent’s Final Lifetime Income Tax Return and, if necessary, a Federal Estate Tax Return), maintain appropriate bookkeeping records, prepare all statutory notices and certifications, prepare an accounting for the estate and any necessary Court 

documents to close the estate.

In addition to estate administration, we can help you plan your estate, including the preparation of Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Advanced Medical Directives. We offer advice as how to minimize or even eliminate federal and state death taxes,and otherwise help you provide for an orderly transition of your estate.

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